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  • Vandal Resistant

    With no exterior mechanical parts and minimal protrusion into the walk space, our dryers are not only vandal resistant, but they also allow more room in the restrooms.

  • Less Maintenance Time

    Be done with your messy, paper trashed restrooms! Our hand dryers do not require daily maintenance, and you save $$$ when switching from paper towels. View an estimate of savings using our hand dryers.

  • The Quieter Choice

    Pinnacle hand dryers are quiet. At 80 decibels, our dryers are much quieter than the 100 decibel average of the jet-style hand dryers.

Go Green!

Pinnacle Hand Dryers allow you to discontinue the use of paper towels, saving money on products and reducing disposal costs. Without paper towels, businesses will benefit from fewer clogged toilets and cleaner restrooms. And the most “green” benefit of them all, Pinnacle hand dryers help save trees due to less paper use!

Pinnacle Dryers vs. Paper Towels

Automatic, "Touchless" Hand Dryers Save Resources

Our hand dryers are automatic. The warm air blows when hands are placed in the drying chamber and stops blowing when hands are removed. There are no buttons to touch to activate the dryer and no other parts on the outside.

This makes our hand dryers more vandal resistant and easier to maintain. It also saves energy over hand dryers that operate on a timer.

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