Pinnacle’s Got you Covered - Literally!

Pinnacle’s Got you Covered - Literally!

The Pinnacle hand dryer is a long-standing industry favorite. People love the cleanliness, durability, and vandal-resistant features it provides. Now, you can customize your Pinnacle hand dryer with a custom powder-coated dryer cover in the color of your choice! You can order a cover in any color from the RAL color chart.  

Same Durability and Vandal-Resistance

Pinnacle's new powder-coated dryer covers remain durable and vandal resistant. The powder-coating process gives the cover a smooth, even finish that is more resistant to chipping and peeling than vinyl covers. This makes it more difficult for vandals to damage the cover, and it will also last longer before it needs to be replaced.

Same High-Quality Stainless Steel

The new colored, powder-coated hand dryer covers are made with the same 18-gauge and 20-gauge high-grade stainless steel as the original covers for durability and vandal resistance. New colors include black, blue, green, red and yellow and so many more. These covers will help keep your hand dryer looking new for years to come!

Easy to Upgrade to a New Cover 

Pinnacle’s easy-to-install dryers are also easy to upgrade. If you are not in the market for a new dryer but are looking to elevate your bathroom space, you can easily swap out your original cover for a new colored one, and the process only takes a few minutes!




If you are interested in learning more about Pinnacle Hand Dryers and our new colored covers, or if you would like to purchase a new cover, please contact Kirk at 
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