Elevating Restroom Quality: Pinnacle Dryer Corp. Partners with Vandal Stop Products

We are excited to announce that Pinnacle Dryer Corp. has partnered with Vandal Stop Products, a leading manufacturer of vandal-resistant restroom fixtures. This partnership aligns perfectly with our enduring commitment to offering durable and reliable hand dryers.

Vandal Stop Products are designed to withstand heavy use and vandalism, making them the perfect companion to our robust hand dryers. Their fixtures pay for themselves in as little as 3 years and are specifically crafted to endure high traffic areas like parks, schools, and libraries​1​.

From waste receptacles to toilet paper holders, Vandal Stop Products delivers a range of fixtures that not only complement our hand dryers but elevate the overall restroom experience. Their offerings epitomize the "Buy it once, install it once" philosophy, underscoring a shared dedication to quality and longevity that Pinnacle and Vandal Stop embody. This partnership heralds a synergy that promises enhanced durability, cost savings, and a cleaner restroom environment, paving the way for an enriched user experience.

The Heavy Duty 12g Stainless Steel makes their toilet paper holders 2X to 4X thicker than other leading brands, ensuring a long-lasting solution. Moreover, this product come with 3/8" Mounting Holes to prevent vandals from breaking toilet paper holders off walls, a testament to the robustness of their designs​1​.

Explore the extended range of products now available through our product page, and experience the enhanced quality brought by Pinnacle and Vandal Stop Products.

We invite you to discover the improved durability and functionality that this partnership brings. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect restroom solutions for your facility.

Feel free to contact us at (980) 867-0594 or kirk@pinnacledryer.com for any inquiries.

Your restroom solutions just got a whole lot better with Pinnacle and Vandal Stop!

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