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Why Pinnacle Dryer?

Let’s be honest…when considering what type of hand dryer to use, you’re likely looking for the basics: quality, replacement part availability and cost benefit to creating that tidy restroom. Those are all important, but did you know there is so much more to our hand dryers? Pinnacle Dryer Corporation has spent the last 28 years working on all the other things you don’t even think about, like making them virtually silent outside of the restroom, fostering “splash-free” environments, and delivering the best quality you didn’t even know you needed.

Do you stand behind your hand dryers?

Behind them, on top of the...whatever you need to see to believe just how confident we are in their performance and longevity. Unlike your son in high school working at the local fast-food location, these hand dryers show up for work, day after day, and perform like no other. And in the event even they need a break…we manufacture and stock all our replacement parts locally.

Do you have replacement parts on hand?

Absolutely! We manufacture and stock them locally and can have parts headed your way the very next day.

Can I repair my Pinnacle dryer without voiding the warranty?

Of course, you can. Our dryers were designed with you in mind. They are simple to maintain and when you do need a part, they are easy to replace. An added feature of all our dryers is the service disconnect switch we have inside the dryer to keep things simple and safe.

Which is better – the surface dryer or the recessed dryer?

That’s like trying to choose which is your favorite child. You probably have one, but you just can’t say it! While our dryers always give you the best hand drying experience, they do accomplish this in different ways. If you are looking at renovations or a new build and want to ensure you are creating the right restroom experience, our recessed PDC-R10 dryer is the best choice. You build it right into the wall from the get-go. If you are just trying to get rid of all of the paper waste from towels or are looking to upgrade your dryer performance, then our surface mount P3-12S dryer allows for easier installation (since you don’t need to cut into the wall) and still only protrudes under 4” into the restroom space. Regardless of which child, dryer, is your favorite, we have you covered!

Are your dryers ADA compliant?

Yes, both the P3-12S surface mount and the PDC-R10 recessed mount dryers are fully ADA compliant.

Do Pinnacle dryers have UL certification?

Yes. All Pinnacle dryers are UL certified. We don’t joke around when it comes to quality and safety.

Are your dryers really made in the USA?

Yes. Our dryers are manufactured in North Carolina.

Does Pinnacle accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards and purchase orders (with approved credit).

Are Pinnacle hand dryers really quiet?

Yes. Our dryers have sound levels of only 80dB.