Pinnacle Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

Pinnacle Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

Selecting Pinnacle Dryer's hand dryers over paper towels is a GREENER ALTERNATIVE:

  • Saves trees and creates fewer greenhouse gasses - A typical school using 30 hand dryers will save 17 trees worth of paper towels per year. 
  • Pinnacle dryers operate only when hands are inside the drying cavity
  • Reduces landfill waste and pollution- Paper towels can be made from recycled paper, but they can’t be recycled themselves, creating millions of cubic feet of waste in landfills

Did you know:

  • It takes more energy to produce two paper towels than it does to run a typical high-speed hand dryer cycle.
  • The production of paper towels is twice as energy-intensive as the use of hand dryers, and paper towels create more greenhouse gasses.
  • Over its lifetime, one hand dryer will produce 1.6 tons of carbon dioxide, versus the 4.6 tons of carbon dioxide that would be produced by manufacturing the paper towels it replaces.
  • Producing one ton of recycled paper takes 7,000 gallons of water and 158 million BTUs of energy – and 60 pounds of pollutants will go into the air.

Our hand dryers save time and money:

  • Custodial services no longer have to order, stock, replace, clean, or dispose of hand towels
  • Bathrooms are more sanitary and less cluttered
  • The maintenance staff’s time is freed from un-clogging toilets with paper towels
  • Your custodial staff spends less time cleaning the bathrooms

See how much you can save with Pinnacle. Check out our Savings Calculator.

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