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Cut Sheets

{osdownloads download_button 2 "Download P3-12S Surface Mount Hand Dryer Cut Sheet (pdf file)"} {osdownloads download_button 1 "Download PDC-10 Recessed Hand Dryer Cut Sheet (pdf file)"}

CAD and RFA Files

These CAD files and RFA files are available for use by architects, engineers and project managers:

Pinnacle P3-12S Surface Mount Hand Dryer

{osdownloads download_button 3 "Download CAD File for P3-12S - Front View (.dwg)"}

{osdownloads download_button 4 "Download CAD File for P3-12S - SideView (.dwg)"}

{osdownloads download_button 5 "Download RFA file for PS3-12S (.rfa)"}

{osdownloads download_button 6 "Download Side View for PS3-12S (.png)"}

Pinnacle PDC-R10 Recessed Hand Dryer

{osdownloads download_button 7 "Download CAD File for PDC-R10 - Front View (.dwg)"}

{osdownloads download_button 8 "Download CAD File for PDC-R10 - SideView (.dwg)"}

{osdownloads download_button 10 "Download RFA file for PDC-R10 (.rfa)"}

{osdownloads download_button 11 "Download Side View for PDC-R10 (.png)"}

{osdownloads download_button 11 "Download CAD_FILE-0PDC-R10-P3-12S.dwg"}