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Touchless Hand Dryer - Recessed Mount - Model PDC-R10


Virtually "Vandal Proof"

Hands Dry in 20-25 seconds

Extends ‹ 1/2" from wall


10 Year Warranty


Touchless Hand Dryer - Recessed Mount - Model PDC-R10

Download Pinnacle Hand Dryer Model PDC-R10 Brochure/Technical Information (pdf file)

Download PDC-R10 Cut SheetDownload PDC-R10 Cut Sheet

View our video that explains the simple, effective design of our commercial hand dryers.

Low Profile and Vandal Resistant

Fully recessed and fits into a standard framed wall or 6" block wall and is ADA Compliant


Heavy Duty, 7500 RPM, Double-Insulated, CSA & UL Component Approved

Low Power Consumption

11.5 amps, 1.37 KW at 120 Vac Nominal

Fan Rotor

Pressed, Galvanized and Electrically Balanced, delivering 150 cfm

Heating Element

1000W Heavy-Duty, Thermally protected to cut out at 90° C.


18 Gauge Stainless Steel


Our all new, solid state circuitry has completely eliminated all mechanical parts. The unit is activated by an infra-red sensor when hands are placed in the drying chamber, so the dryer operates only when in use.


Five Levels of Over-Temperature Protection


20 lbs.

10 Year Limited Warranty

10 Year for Replacement Parts and 3 Year for Circuit Board

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Pinnacle Dryers

  • Quiet (and Quick) Hand Dryers (at 80 decibels, these are much quieter than "jet style" hand dryers)
  • Surfaced Mount and Recessed Mount Models Available
  • Attractive, Simple Design (customers love this!)
  • Competitively Priced
  • ADA Compliant (Surface Mount is less than 4" from the wall and our Recessed Mount is less than 1/2" from wall)
  • Automatic Sensors (automatic on/off and no nozzles or buttons to break!)
  • Warm Air
  • Low Power Consumption (11.5 amps)
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Exterior Mechanical Parts
  • Commercial Quality
  • 18g and 20g Stainless Steel Covers
  • Vandal Resistant (Recessed Mount is the most vandal resistant hand dryer on the market)
  • Plumbing Friendly (no more disabled plumbing due to paper towels stuffed in toilets)
  • Built to Last
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

    Pinnacle Hand Dryers are made in the USA


Go Green!

Pinnacle Hand Dryers alllow you to discontinue use of paper towels:

  • Save trees due to less paper use
  • Save money
  • More available storage space
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Fewer clogged toilets!
  • Cleaner restrooms

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