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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your commercial hand dryers vandal resistant? >

    Yes, Pinnacle Hand Dryers are vandal resistant!

    Pinnacle PDC-R10 Recessed Hand DryerThe Pinnacle PDC-R10 Recessed Hand Dryer is the most vandal resistant hand dryer on the market. It recesses completely into the wall with a beveled 18-gauge stainless steel cover over the front of the hand dryer. This commercial hand dryer is your best option if you deal with vandalism.


    Pinnacle P3-12S Surface Hand DryerThe Pinnacle P3-12S Surface Hand Dryer is also made of stainless steel.

    With no exterior mechanical parts and minimal protrusion into the walk space, our hand dryers are not only vandal resistant, but this commercial hand dryer also allows more room in the restrooms.


    Watch the video that shows the efficient, simple design that makes our hand dryers easy to maintain and vandal-resistant.

  • What is covered in your 10 Year Limited Warranty? >

    Pinnacle hand dryers have one of the best warranties in the market.  That is because our hand dryers are well designed and made with quality materials.

    We provide a 10 Year Warranty on our mechanical parts.  Our printed circuit board is under warranty for (3) years.  

    Because our hand dryers are built to last, there is rarely a need to replace parts.   But if needed, we ship both warranty and purchased parts within 24 hours.

  • Are your hand dryers ADA compliant? >

    ADA and UL CompliantYes, our Model PDC-R10 Recessed Hand Dryer fits completely in the wall. A recessed kit is not required, unlike other commercial hand dryers.  Our Model P3-12S Surface Hand Dryer extends less than 4" from the wall.  Since both of our hand dryers are ADA Compliant, Pinnacle's offerings satisfy most construction needs.

    All Pinnacle hand dryers are UL compliant.   

  • Can someone provide a hand dryer demonstration at my location? >

    Yes, we can provide a demonstration of our hand dryers. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or call us at 800-943-7937) to set up an appointment. Demonstrations take approximately 20 minutes.

  • Are your hand dryers loud? >

    No. Pinnacle hand dryers are quiet in comparison to the jet-style competitors. Our hand dryers operate at 80 decibels.  Our customers find our dryers to have a perfect ratio of air and sound.  There are competitor hand dryers that operate at decibels a bit lower than 80, but it takes the user much longer to dry their hands. 

    Warm air surrounds the hands as they are placed inside of a 3-vented drying chamber. Therefore, there is no need for a powerful push and loud sound like that experienced with commercial jet-style hand dryers.

    We have customers that have removed their jet-style hand dryers and replaced them with Pinnacle hand dryers because our dryers are quieter.

  • If I need a replacement part, how long does this take? >

    We stock our parts (all of which come from within the US). We ship within 24 hours of the request.

  • What is the advantage of an automatic, "touchless" hand dryer? >

    Our hand dryers are automatic. The warm air blows when someone places their hands in the drying chamber and stops blowing when they remove their hands. Therefore, there are no buttons to touch to activate the dryer and no other parts on the outside of the hand dryer. This makes our hand dryers more vandal resistant and easier to maintain. Also, it saves energy over hand dryers that operate on a timer.

  • Why do you use a heating element in your hand dryers? >

    Pinnacle hand dryers have a heating element because this dries hands faster. The hand dryers on the market that do not have heat may pull less amperage, but they take a longer time to dry hands.  Pinnacle hand dryers will dry hands in approximately 20-25 secs.

  • How much energy do Pinnacle hand dryers use? >

    Pinnacle's exclusive recycled air design allows our hand dryers to operate on nearly half the power of competitiors.  The 11 Amps of the P3 and the 11.5 Amps drawn by the PDC make each an ideal candidate for facilities that have limited wiring or power options and for those customers that seek an "energy friendly" hand dryer.  For reference, most warm air hand dryers draw 20 Amps requiring a heavier guage wire.

     Additionally, our hand dryers automatically shut off when hands are removed. Therefore, Pinnacle hand dryers do not waste energy (unlike hand dryers that operate on a timer).

  • Why use hand dryers instead of paper towels? >

    Pinnacle hand dryers save countless dollars in rising paper costs. They save maintenance time spent unclogging toilets and custodial time spent supplying and disposing of paper. Learn more about Pinnacle Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels. Estimate your savings with our Cost Comparison Worksheet.

  • Where are your hand dryers manufactured? >

    Pinnacle Hand Dryers are proudly "Made in the USA". Our hand dryers are manufactured in Aberdeen, NC.   All parts are made in the USA and we stock them in our Aberdeen, NC warehouse.  

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Pinnacle Dryers

  • Quiet (and Quick) Hand Dryers (at 80 decibels, these are much quieter than "jet style" hand dryers)
  • Surfaced Mount and Recessed Mount Models Available
  • Attractive, Simple Design (customers love this!)
  • Competitively Priced
  • ADA Compliant (Surface Mount is less than 4" from the wall and our Recessed Mount is less than 1/2" from wall)
  • Automatic Sensors (automatic on/off and no nozzles or buttons to break!)
  • Warm Air
  • Low Power Consumption (11.5 amps)
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Exterior Mechanical Parts
  • Commercial Quality
  • 18g and 20g Stainless Steel Covers
  • Vandal Resistant (Recessed Mount is the most vandal resistant hand dryer on the market)
  • Plumbing Friendly (no more disabled plumbing due to paper towels stuffed in toilets)
  • Built to Last
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

    Pinnacle Hand Dryers are made in the USA